Early Bird

Early Birds are often lucky. In terms of seating positions in conferences, bus seats, parking spots, catching the worms, virtually everything. Also, in photography. Try reaching a spot early in the morning, with the sun not yet shining brightly and the morning calm still being present, and you will see the spot in a completely new way.

The following shot, was at Varanasi. I left for the river banks while it was still dark. I had a 5 kms walk ahead of me. By the time I reached, the sun was coming up and the birds were still around. The sight was simply marvelous. Perks of being an early bird, I ll say πŸ™‚




Happy shooting!!


12 thoughts on “Early Bird

    • Thanks Ami! Yup, it was lovely, and it was a daily routine twice a day actually! I went in the evening for the Arati shots too! And topup there with awesome pizzas :p

  1. In my experience it’s not always just about waking up early, it’s also about getting to spots before anyone else. When I was in Paris shooting the eiffel tower at sunset, I got there an hour early to set up. No one was there at the time. Then, right before the sun went down, a whole bunch of tourists got off a bus and started using and shoving to get my spot/view for their pictures. Needless to say it was irritating.

    I love your pictures of the birds. It gives me a very peaceful feeling. I love how you focused on them with this post rather than the sunrise, which is what I would have expected. Can’t wait to check out more of your photos!

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