TTL: Kamakhya and Suwalkuchi

On the last phase of the trip, the second last day that is, we were in Guwahati. We went to Kamakhya and Suwalkuchi.
Kamakhya temple is a considered to be one of the most revered of Indian Temples and the deity, goddess Durga, and here, in the temple, the presence is felt, quite heavily. The spiritual souls, will be mesmerized. A quick wiki look up helps, read here.

 DSC_5068-23  DSC_5071-24

From the temple, we made our way towards Suwalkuchi. Its a small town on the other bank the Brahmaputra, which is famous for handlooms.



By the noon, we headed back to our hotel and we were tired . That evening was spent lazying in the hotel and arranging stuffs we had with us. Next day, we were on our way back. And since it was the similar view on the trip back, I calmly dozed off.

This concluded the Assam and Meghalaya trip for me. Next up…Delhi and Rajasthan. I leave in 5 days from now, but this time, its a solo backpacking trip. I ll have a rucksack, some clothes, the laptop and charger, the camera and lens, and my tripod. Next post might take some time.
Till then,

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