Versatile Blogger…Awarded!

I begin this post by thanking Damini Shah @ for nominating and hence awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award, many thanks.

As per the rules of the award
1. I must thank those who have deemed me fit to be awarded the award.
2. I must write 7 facts about myself.
3. Must nominate the bloggers I feel are deserving of the award.

I would like to thank Damini once more, I really feel elated and honored. Thank You.

7 Facts about me–
1. I am a Mechanical Engineer, who has served 13 months in the IT Industry as a Software Tester.
2. I took up photography as a hobby quite recently and am self trained.
3. I am a foodie and like to review restaurants often.
4. I love to travel, and often have unusual, sometimes solo, travel plans.
5. I like making elaborate birthday cards for my female friends, pardon the bias.
6. I cook 😛
7. I love to drive cars. Riding bikes are fun, but the car feels a bit better for me.

Now, I nominate the following for the award:

  1. Pooja Dasgupta (
  2. Shreya Das (
  3. Karen Anderson (
  4. Tuhina Mitra (
  5. Ami (
  6. Amy Sampson (
  7. Bob Byrd (
    8. cjdraper1961 (

Should you choose to accept this award, you must follow the above mentioned rules too. And once you have complied, feel free to copy the image and use it.



Have fun, and keep blogging!