Rocky Road Ahead

It’s a well-known saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But, like all the things which matter, it is way easier said than done! Read on, as I elaborate what I mean, and yeah, a rewarding photo awaits too! 🙂

For the ones, who are not very frequent over here, a little intro to me. I am a mechanical engineer, who served a 13 months stint in a famous multinational company and then quit the job. Am scheduled to join a management course soon in July, which will hopefully bring me closer to my original stream. Well, how is this relevant to my opening lines? It is, as this is where I say why and how I got enough motivation to put down the papers.

I ll begin by stating, my team, my manager, my company, as I ll always continue to refer to them until replaced, they were awesome people, no complaints at all. Yet, I quit. Some might say its peer pressure. Not the usual friends group peer, but the more intimate one. Let me elaborate, my father is Ph.D and HOD of a leading branch of one of the oldest engineering institutions in India, and is pretty well-known in the academic world by reputation. My mother, completed her Ph.D from the same university as my father, in a topic which has wide applications and use. And…then…I am a B.Tech, in an IT company. It may sound ridiculous, true, but it does add too.

Anyway, I was still swaying on my decisions, and then I met up with a couple of old school friends at Bangalore. It was more than just a catch up meet, as we were meeting after an interval of about 6 years. After the usual pleasantries, our conversation shifted towards career. We were all into IT sectors at that time, and surprisingly, we were already sure that by the time we turn 40-ish, we would not be able to continue in the sector. High hopes, eh!!
Alternate ideas came up, viable ones like business in photography and other startups, and off course a few fantastic ones like, save from now and go on world tours and all. It was all fun, but I did feel that deep down, we were actually right, that to survive here, we would need more tools, better degrees. I realized, where I was, and with the growth prospects, including potential shifts, I would fall short off my goal, and I wasnt ready to do that. So, off I went in favour of a better degree.

A light-hearted side also exists to this. A few days later we met up again, at the Phoenix Mall, and were browsing through Hamleys! Why, not sure, maybe reliving memories. We walked past the soft toys section. I picked up a teddy, it was pricey. We moved on to the LEGO sets, a bit more pricey. Then, we approached a toy remote operated helicopter, something I would like to get my kid on a birthday. We took a look at the price tag, and almost together we remarked, we need a better job.

When I look back, I feel, these small incidents actually led me to quit and become a student again. And, its my family and friends who stand by me, together, and give me the support to carry on.  It is going to be a rocky road, and I know for sure, thanks to them,  I am now tough enough to tough it out.


Here is a shot from the upcoming post of my trip to Darjeeling.

Sunrise..through the prayer flags! – Tiger Hill


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Optimism, Hope…Love

Hi all,

We blog for a reason, or rather a host of reasons! It might be a way of self promotion, self-realization or simply a place to let go. My posts generally are more inclined towards the stories through photos. But then, I came by a campaign to write about the moments that has given me hope, optimism for the future! So, here it is, a tiny part of the grand story I call, my life.

We start, like most stories do, with a happy relationship and promises of better future. Trust me when I say this, things really did look very bright then. Time flew by, and the relationship lost its sheen. Stress developed and the veneer of perfection cracked and the rust began to creep in. Yes, things turned bad. Misunderstandings, ego clashes, harsh words, we had them all, and ultimately, we snapped. Almost 5 years of relationship was lost. I had heard that a break up could be tough, but never imagined how much tough it actually is, till I got the first hand experience. It was as if I was stuck in a dark phase, nothing seemed to be cheerful. Life actually appeared bland, devoid of colour and spice. Call me dramatic, but that was exactly what I had felt. Trapped, bogged down…lost!



It’s not as if I didn’t have friends to take my mind off the things. But, I always craved that tiny bit of “special” attention. Suggestions flowed in, the most common amongst  them being socialize. I tried that too, met up with some people, tried making new friends, they didn’t help much though. We all have that one friend who knows what exactly will solve the problem, this time, it wasnt a “what”, rather a “who”. This, certain “who” turned out to be junior of mine. A year junior academically, but, as I soon found out, it didn’t matter at all!
Introductions were made, and friend requests were sent away. It was fun because, here was a lady, who has no prior idea of who I was and vice versa too. So, it all depended on what we posed as. We chose to be honest. I liked her. Liked the way she would answer my questions, counter question at times with very valid points. It became a habit to chat with her, no calls yet, I didn’t have her number and didn’t have the courage to ask it too. I would wait patiently in the evening, for her status to have a tiny glowing green orb beside her name, and we would chat. We became friends, and I found out that she was an accomplished person. College topper, excellent artist, gifted with the pencil in sketching, a vivid dreamer, superb imaginations and I found her beautiful. She was pretty no doubt, plus, I repeat, she was beautiful. There was something in her smile that would make me smile in the darker days too and the twinkle in her eyes, simply spell-binding.
You may wonder, where’s the optimism or hope? Well, if you have read till now, you must know that I totally adore this lady. It was a call from her, on my birthday, the first call from her, that was my sign. During our first conversation, we talked about the creative things she does. She had a list, and I didn’t have much to say. I remember her saying “go creative,  you ll be happy”. Maybe I needed this push, or maybe I just needed her to give me the push. This was almost two years ago. Since then, I have picked up photography, followed by blogging, travelling solo, learning music and also a new language. She is still one of my best sources of inspiration and one of the parameters of my works is always, “Will she be impressed by this?” She is one of the closest friends I have and my photos bear her presence, and I feel that wont change in a long time to come. I still strive to impress her everyday. Now, we talk, chat, flirt, fight, love…care everyday!
I know you ll read this, so…here’s to you, You are simply amazing, and I owe you for making me shed my shell. Thanks 🙂



That call, was my ray of hope filling me with optimism for the future! Yours may be different, yours may just be this (

My photos have been sourced from here.

I ll sign off this post with a line from a movie I once watched….You tell me your story, and I ll tell you mine!
Lets share, lets care, lets grow together!!