How to get Zomato Pro free for life?

No, it is not just a clickbait headline.

Zomato, the leading food aggregator service platform has come up with a unique proposition, in collaboration with RBL Bank in India, targetting their best-known customers, The Foodies!
They have a credit card, Zomato Edition and for as long as you own the card, Zomato Pro shall be free to your account. The card has no joining or annual fees and offers quite interesting cashback, redeemable on Zomato. The proposition seemed nice, so naturally, I applied for it.

The application process is simple. You log in to the Zomato app, head over to the tab that says, Money. There, you’ll find the option for a Zomato wallet and Editon. Selecting Edition will take you to a signing up page, where you provide consent of application, addresses, etc and then upload the documents. The KYC with RBL bank happens over video call and is smooth. And then, in about 2/3 business days, you have the card with you.

The offers that were provided to me can be seen on the below screenshot of the email.

Benefits of the Zomato Edition Card

Basically, we have a card, which is lifetime free. No annual charges. VISA Card, so accepted globally. Has a decent credit limit. And offers cashback in the form of Zomato credits. You can choose how much of the cashback do you want to use as Zomato credit at a particular time. And, Zomato Pro for as long as you hold the card. An absolute win-win situation for anyone who uses Zomato to order food.

I honestly do not see any downsides to this card, that should deter anyone who uses Zomato, from ordering this card. Tell me your thoughts on this in the comments below!