Perfect timing, extraordinary shadow

Ordinary people, ordinary location, ordinary day and an ordinary statue. But, put them all in one perfect setting, and you get an extraordinary shadow! Enjoy!!


Skimming on the way!


Umium Lake, on the way to Shillong!

Check out some more takes here!

TTL: Cherrapunji (Sohra)

From Shillong city, we went to the Shillong viewpoint, which is located within the Air Force Base. The route was dense with fog, and the visibility was rather limited. From the view point, only a few pine trees and their cones were visible.


As we came to lower altitude, the weather cleared and we got an amazing view of green fields, dark mountains and blue sky specked with clouds.


Before turning towards Elephant Falls, our driver, made one last detour. This time, into a pine forest.


Next stop, was the Elephant falls. I ll be honest, this was just the way I had thought it would be, and was prepared. I had lugged my tripod, for just this kind of a shot, and I got it.


There are 3 stages of this falls, rest two were pretty, but this one, the stage 1, was the best, by me!

Next, we turned towards the once wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji or as locally known as, Sohra.


The route is nothing short of majestic and in every turn, you feel like stopping for a shot.


At Cherrapunji, we met up with more dense fog and by the time we went to the tallest plunge waterfall of India, the Nokalikhai Falls, the cliff was blanketed in fog, and nothing, absolutely nothing was visible. We turned back, a little disappointed that we missed the view.


But then, we were excited too. We were off to Kaziranga the next day! Rhinos…coming up shortly 🙂


TTL: Shillong

Hi all,

Continuing now. From GAU, we went on our way to Shillong. The maps had shown twisty turny roads, what it didnt mention was the quality. For most of the route, it was 4 lane wide and pretty gentle. And the views all around, simply marvelous.



On the way to Shillong, we came across the Umium Lake, rightly called Barapani, meaning, big lake, in Hindi.




Some HDR and stitched photos of the lake are under process, hopefully, I ll have them up soon.

At Shillong, the first place we went was the Don Bosco Museum. I ll be honest, I didnt pay much attention to the artifacts within, and almost ran up to the top and went to the sky walk, for a panoramic view of Shillong, and it was superb.




From here, we went to our hotel, and were tired. Next day, was towards Sohra, or as more commonly known, Cherrapunji. Coming up, soon 🙂



For the love  of smooth milky waterfalls!


Shot at Elephant Falls in Shillong, Meghalaya. A lot more to come soon!