AtoZ Challenge: U – Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape

Today, in every major city, the common thread that links all of them is that there is development in the real estate sector. TheĀ  landscape of the city, the skyline, is constantly changing and evolving. From a beautiful vantage point, to shoot the urban landscape, is quite a joy.
Below are some of my examples of Mumbai’s concrete(land)scape.

Mumbai Cityscape at night, Sea Link

High Rise buildings at Mumbai

Clouds form on the Sewri Mudflats

Tell us about your favourite spots for shooting urban landscapes.

In the previous series, U was for Underexposure.


Feet on ground..

We are always asked to look up and aim high, and then only shall we reach our objective. Its true. We should also keep our base strong and firm, keep our feet on solid ground, and then, take the lunge up to our goals. Do take a moment, reflect and have a look at theĀ ground beneath your feet.

A bit of green, and whole lot of concrete! A happy and sound foundation for me!