TTL: Panchghani and Mahabaleshwar

What do you do when you have a whole day to yourself and are itching to take a break….you go on a trip.
Thats what we, 5 of us, did. We booked a car from a local self drive car rent company and off we went to a local hill station named Panchghani and then from there on to another station, Mahabaleshwar.

We started at the dead of the night at about 0200h and reached the vast table top expanses of Panchghani right on time for the sunrise.


Post admiring the sunrise, we had a photo session, kinda expected right, when there are two photogs in the same car :p



From there, the next stop was the Mapro Farms on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Strawberries and pizzas and chocolates, that was our brunch.


As we were about to leave, there was a rumble, a thunder and sets of gleaming chrome made their way  into the cafe and we were all awestruck.


Next up, was the Mahabaleshwar temple, and the surrounding viewpoints and finally the famous fort of Pratapgarh.





Finally, we were on our way back in the evening. In about ₹1000/person, we had an amazing trip.

Next trip….lets see 🙂


1. Photo-Graphy

Photography, is a composite of greek words, photos meaning light and graphe meaning drawing, making the complete meaning as drawing using light. Gone are the days of portraits when the model would have to sit for hours, still, so that the painter can create an impression of her, with no guarantees that the portrait will be accurate. And also, gone are the days, when post clicking a photo, we’d need to wait for at least a week to know how much similarity exists between what we saw and what we captured.
Now, we have digital cameras, that let us know what we might capture before we take it actually. Still, differences do exist in quality, based on what we are using. In general, cellphone cameras, point and shoots and D-SLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras form the main three groups of cameras available. Each have their own capacities and their own uniqueness and one can really not compare and say, this certain group is better than the rest. The gap that existed between the groups have diminished considerably and they have all found their supporters. I, like many, own specimens from all 3 groups and respect each for their versatility, compactness and ease of use. Opinions and views will always vary, but the things that dont change,that are the basics of the photos.
In the upcoming posts, I ll write about the basic pillars of a photo and then on, how to balance and make the best use of them.
Till then,

My Cameras
My Cameras