En route Lavasa

The plan was made on an impulse, so the three of us, Mahajan, Jobin and I, we grabbed helmets, managed a couple of bullets and we were on our way to Lavasa.
Lavasa is a cool place to be, nice lake town, planned and built nestled within the ghats. True! The flip side is, they charge โ‚น200 per person as an entry fee to the town, and somehow, the minute they see a DSLR, they assume the owner to be on a professional shoot, and they charge you โ‚น5000 for a day’s pass (unless it has changed recently).
Now, our agenda was clear, to get some cool photos of us, on bikes. So, again, why Lavasa?
For, the road to Lavasa, offers amazing curves, and is not very crowded. Here are what we shot ๐Ÿ™‚

Mahajan came charging round the corner, I turned back on the bike, and click and click!

Man on Royal Enfield Bullet taking a turn

We stopped to shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

Man on Royal Enfield Bullet taking a turn

Man posing with a Royal Enfield Bullet

Two men on Royal Enfield Bullet taking a turn

Man on Royal Enfield Bullet taking a turn

Two men posing with Royal Enfield Bullet

Three friends posing with their bikes

Even I got a shot of mine. Loads of thanks to Mahajan for the shot ๐Ÿ™‚

Man on Royal Enfield Bullet taking a turn

Spotted this yet to be launched Tata Nexon test driving around.

Tata Nexon car test driving

With mission accomplished, we turned back. Since all three had been to Lavasa earlier, we didn’t miss it at all. The trip was fun, the ride was awesome.

Man on a bike in an empty road

Till the next post…


TTL: Panchghani and Mahabaleshwar

What do you do when you have a whole day to yourself and are itching to take a break….you go on a trip.
Thats what we, 5 of us, did. We booked a car from a local self drive car rent company and off we went to a local hill station named Panchghani and then from there on to another station, Mahabaleshwar.

We started at the dead of the night at about 0200h and reached the vast table top expanses of Panchghani right on time for the sunrise.


Post admiring the sunrise, we had a photo session, kinda expected right, when there are two photogs in the same car :p



From there, the next stop was the Mapro Farms on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Strawberries and pizzas and chocolates, that was our brunch.


As we were about to leave, there was a rumble, a thunder and sets of gleaming chrome made their way ย into the cafe and we were all awestruck.


Next up, was the Mahabaleshwar temple, and the surrounding viewpoints and finally the famous fort of Pratapgarh.





Finally, we were on our way back in the evening. In about โ‚น1000/person, we had an amazing trip.

Next trip….lets see ๐Ÿ™‚