A New Day

When it comes to being optimistic, there is no better symbol to the feeling than an impending sunrise. The glow is there, yet the sun is not yet visible. We know that with the advent of the new day, our demons shall be slain and we shall have a fresh start.


Good morning dear readers!!

Creative block

Once a while, I face situations where despite having some ideas on my head, am just not able to put them down in a manner I would love to. There’s restlessness and simultaneously lethargy. A part of me wants to work, while the other part is just stuck or hung up on something else. Last time this happened, I took a trip across the country alone to find some inspiration. It worked. This time, I dont have the option. So, after convincing myself that the only way out, is to write and start shooting, here I am, back, trying to get out of the block, one alphabet at a time!


Here’s to killing the past, and coming back to life 🙂


A circle, a stone and a shadow

Here’s how a solid circle, a tiny rock and a shadow can mean quite a lot.




This post is to the few who have managed to take a break from the mundane monotony of the daily chores. Who have managed to break free from the routine. The ones who have managed to let go all inhibitions and fear and have managed to let themselves be engulfed in the amazing moment, that is NOW.
By me, nothing describes this liberation more than raising your hands up to the air to cheer for your favourite music as it is being played by an amazing DJ in a party.



Cheers, to music, to freedom!

The Sound of Music

There is something about music that manages to change our mood in a jiffy, no questions about that, and I dare speculate, that there is something about that DJ’s board, the headphones and the mixer, that manages to bring out the curiosity, every single time we see it. Here’s to curiosity, here’s to music.




The other side of her

Sometimes, we come across wonderful people who have the amazing ability to exhibit at least two completely contrasting personalities, depending on the location and surroundings.
Today, I share some shots of an extremely talented and very beautiful person who I feel happy to call my friend. She is the creative head of our current student council. Amazing person to be with and an excellent artist.
Parthivi, can be found running about the college on various creative assignments often and she always has a very serious “I mean business” look on her face. She knows how to get things done. So, when the photoshoot came up, honestly, a tiny bit of doubt existed in me as to how comfortable she ll be and how the shoot shall progress.
It took her few minutes at max to put all of my doubts to rest. Underneath that steely exterior of her, there is a very happy and bubbling with energy kind of a person and I was very happy to be able to capture that.
Here are some of the shots of this really amazing person.


 DSC_4403 DSC_4412

 DSC_4358 DSC_4443


A special thanks too to my brother, Mayukh for asking me to come along with you for this shoot and for helping with the long exposure shots too 🙂

First line of defence

In the era of 5” plus sizes of screen of smartphones, having a screen guard is very common. Putting a tempered glass cover is also catching up steadily.

In the group of people, who use tempered glass, there are two kinds…
One, who throw the cover away when it breaks. Other, who do this….

Everything, when viewed under correct light, appears beautiful, even a shattered glass sheet.

The Road ahead…

Success and victory, are two terms, which are often used in very close combination, and often synonymous too. The path to victory, and the path to success, are riddled with rocky terrain


and uncertain path and risks and dead ends.


Yet, with encouraging views





and a proper means to conquer,


we cross the long, twisty road, and reach our destination.


Here’s to success, here’s to victory.

The shots had been shot over the previous week on a trip with friends and family to a nearby holy shiva site, Bhimashankar. The road is breathtakingly beautiful and treacherously dangerous too. But, it was absolutely worth the risks.


Ornate columns at Bhimashankar

The ornate columns of the Shiva Temple at Bhimashankar, Pune



Safe Hands

Shooting in the dark is a job that takes patience and care, just to get the focus right. That too in a manual lens. The ISO needs to be high enough to use a decent shutter speed, and a low enough to avoid excessive noise. When you manage to get things right, you get a shot like this.


Till the next post..


A Happy Place

Happiness, is subjective. Varies from person to person. We all have our special place where we feel happy. To me, happy place is one, where I can put my plans to action and can get desired results. The following shot has been taken at Lohagarh Fort, near Pune. The shot had been planned ages before and was awaiting a perfect location. On a recent trip with friends, the opportunity presented and the shot was taken. I was happy.



Breaking boundaries with Siftr

As the word comes up, boundary, the first thing that strikes us, is a limitation, a control and a certain censorship. It can be physical, emotional or social but there is a restriction.  With this though in mind, I shot this.

A very familiar place, from a slightly unfamiliar viewpoint.

I would have posted it, and that would have been the end of it, but then, one of my friends asked me if I could put 15 of my best photos together. Now, we all have our favorite ones, maybe a couple, but best 15…that’s though. You ll need to sift through hundreds of photos if not thousands to find out which ones are the most appealing ones. Instagram needs to searched, Fb needs to be sorted and 500px and Flickr need to be peered into. And even then, we might not be sure if the ones selected are the ones that look the best. An easy solution must be there.

That’s where Siftr (http://siftr.co) came into play. This unique website, created by ex-Adobe and ex-Samsung folks, is responsible for crawling through the photos of Flickr, Facebook Page (yup, the photography page, not your direct timeline)  and Instagram, with your permission off course and finding out the ones that have gathered the best views and most exposure and puts them in the forefront. The photos are neatly arranged into folders like Recent, Best Shots, Landscapes, etc and you have the total control of what is visible and what is not. Decluttering of photography is here. And the best part, I felt, it’s a self updating website. I don’t need to keep a tab on it to keep it updated.

Since, photography is an art we take seriously, and cannot let a machine decide what is good or what is not, the website provides an editor with wide range of customizations available too. The process of creation of a new personalized webpage is easy. You choose the platform you would want to be your primary one, mine is the instagram account. Then, while uploading a new photo, put in the tag as #getsiftr and that’s pretty much it. The autocrawler will find out your post and will respond back in the comment section within minutes. Then you get the link to your webpage. Login via the id of your primary account and you have the customization options right in front of you. The total time taken from uploading the photo to customizing and being happy with the product, 30 minutes at a maximum.

Have a look at my webpage here: http://senk91.siftr.co

This, to me, is a breakthrough product and I am certain, that in the near future, this one shall shine. Give it a try, you’ll love it.