LUXE – The Luxury (Mainly Auto) Expo – The Westin, Pune

Another weekend, another expo, again at Westin. This time, it was different though.
This time, I had guest invitation from one of the participating teams, OhSoGood Tech for the event. And, the event was basically an auto expo. Pune Fashion Week was also going on next door too, and I ll be honest, I found the 911 way sexier!

So, OhSoGoodTech, better known as OSGTech is a startup who have managed to make a name for themselves in the niche market of nano crystal coatings on cars and bikes and everything shiny to make sure that the shiny surface, stays shiny. They market hydrophobic and oleo-phobic surface coating which is scratch resistant too. So, if you own something that you want to be protected from the elements of nature, and want it done good, you know where to find them. I ll show you how a hydro oleo phobic surface looks like when you spray it with water.





Moving on, to the other attractions of the place. I ll let the photos do the talking….Ogle on, dear readers!!














I was thoroughly satisfied with the show. The peace of the exhibition would be disrupted by the grunts of the Mustang and the whine of the 911 GTS quite often. Once a while the Multistrada would join the fray.

I consider it a quest to expand my horizons, and this is me, taking the steps towards fulfilling the quest.

And yes, this time, if you would like to use any of the photos here, as a wallpaper, go ahead, use it. If you would want to use it commercially, or repost it, kindly let me know before you use it, the photos are copyrighted, and the copyright belongs to me \m/


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