This was a weekly prompt that I could put up without much issues.
Now, depth, can be about anything, I take it as Depth Of Field, my favourite depth that is, yet :p

Depth (of field, at a minimum)
Depth (of field, at a minimum)

In case you are wondering what this is, this is a sugar bowl at the Cha Bar at the Oxford, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Happy clicking, cheers!

TTL: Kolkata III

Wrapping up my 3 day visit to Kolkata. Caught up with old friends, had lots of street food, mainly rolls and kebabs, did some fine dining too and toured a lot through the city. Kolkata, is an amazing place and a dynamic one too. Must visit if you like cheap food, historical stuffs and shopping!

This post features some shots on the streets, the historical Victoria Memorial Hall, Pooja and my ex-colleague and dear friend, Shubhanjana Sikdar.

Pooja…the Fashionista


Henna! 😀


Animal Fair…at a street crossing


Looked good…thats all!


Victoria Memorial Hall


The view from the cannon


Shubhanjana … The Happy One 🙂


Graffiti here spreads love :p


Until the next trip to some other city.


TTL: Kolkata II

The next part of the Kolkata series.

A tiny warning, kindly do not be offended by any photo featured within. Every bit is real. Sometimes, they arent pretty, thats all.




Jute chappals for sale


Some alms please!


Gully cricket proper!






Could have been a maestro!


Inappropriate…in so many levels over!


In the next part of the series, I team up with veteran fashion blogger and my friend
Pooja @ (check out her blog ladies, and be amazed).

Stay tuned for more!





TTL : Kolkata I

Beginning with this post, I am introducing a new category in my blog, the TTL (Through the lens) series. This will be a document, a testament to the places I visit and the photos that I found interesting there.

In this debut post of the series, I put up the first part of my Kolkata, West Bengal, India tour. Its the capital city of West Bengal and is a crucible of various cultures and society. You ll find the uber and rich to the dirt poor sharing spaces very often. On the streets of Kolkata, every moment, there is a story unfolding, all you need to do is see, foresee and be ready! Time it right and you ll have a story with you.

The most famous Bengali


Giant cuddle buddies




Odd one out ?



More photos on the way!


Bored?? Lets shoot!

Heyy there all, I’ve been busy studying for some exams and hence got little time to shoot and even lesser time to put up a blog post. But now, I got some time, so here goes.

Finding inspiration to shoot is a tricky thing in the first place, and to do that often, its kinda tedious too. But, suppose you are lazing in the noon and suddenly you want to take some photos which are not very common and also, you do not want to leave your home. What do you do??

I took a few tea bags. Snipped their heads and made them stand and set the top on fire. This is what I shot. You too try and post your shots.





Oh..I almost forgot to say…the bag flies away right in the end if you do it right. Have fun!


String Of Pearls

Admit it dear readers, you have all done it too, sat staring at the wires as it rained and imagined the raindrops to be racing each other.
Few days ago, suddenly it was cloudy and rainy here, and when the drizzles stopped, I noticed that the wires out in my balcony looked like a starting line for the drops.



A little channge in the perspective, at they became a string of pearls.
Shot using both my 50mm and the 55-200mm zoom, and then retouched in the digital darkrooms.


Never let the weather dampen your spirits, every day and moment is unique…and so is every shot…Shoot away friends.

New Year :)

Another year gone! A year which had more of dips than the ups in whole. Settled in a new city for the greater part of the year, made some friends, developed a few crushes….met some disappointments too. The good things … got my first camera, got appreciated at work, started the blog…not bad in total. Anyway, thats past, wont come back and the year hasnt been that awful that it would come back to haunt me…so…am done with it. For the new year, I hope to obtain new educational qualifications, some new camera gears, lots of views and comments on the posts and a lot of opportunities to explore and experience the world.

Enough with musings. This photo was shot yesterday as I was returning home via the highway. I love the way the cooling towers of the power plant give boundary to the scene. Shot on aperture priority mode on my zoom, lowest ISO. Hope you like it. Happy New Year to my dear readers, and I hope that this year, is better than the previous 🙂