A black car, an open field, a cloud of smoke and dust. Thats a picture of motion for me.

Whats motion to you? Need inspirations, have a look here.



Happy Shooting.


11 thoughts on “Motion!

  1. Suggestions? Maybe a baby up in the air immediately above their mother or father’s upraised hands. Though it’s stereotypical, a sailboat with spray flying everywhere as it pounds through a wave and the crew’s faces are scrunched up against the flying water. Or a shot of hats flying off the heads of people riding a roller coaster as it goes upside down in a loop. If you could catch the moment, the instant a cigarette load explodes as someone is smoking. Or the flying spoon and food in the air as a baby refuses to eat. Just thoughts … happy shooting.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Thing is, am home right now, and getting the setups are a tad difficult! I have the smoke ones though, the exact thing you mention 🙂

  2. Edit done!! Thanks a ton Amiya 🙂 Funny how it never got noticed or pointed out earlier :p U a grammar nazi by any chance? Looking forward to your episode with Rhodes 🙂

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