Some refer them as the basic elements, some as Mahabhuta. The alchemists believed them to be the basic elements and the relegious and spiritual texts mention them to be important for the paths to salvation. They are:

Air, representing the qualities of expansive and repulsive forces

Fire, representing the qualities of heat and energy

Water, for the qualities of fluidity and relative motions

Earth, for the qualities of solidity and attraction

I give to you, the Tattva



The post name has been suggested by the extremely talented Miss. Tuhina Mitra, thank you!


For Blacky

Heyy all,

Often I crib that am not finding enough models to do photo ops with. Its true upto a certain extent actually, but then, it makes me shoot a lot of different subjects and also experiment. And has forced me to make it a habit to carry my camera with me almost everywhere. And, this habit pays off 🙂

I went to an old friend’s place this Sunday. It was set up to be a proper family meet. 10 minutes after reaching there, I noticed a family pic. And, thats when I noticed the 4 legged furball’s presence.

This post, is for the cute, one floppy eared, thickly coated, absolutely lovely, Blacky.






Shes a very friendly dog and I realized, if you are patient and non intrusive, every dog is friendly. I have been bitten once, but still, I love dogs.

Some pigeons also dropped in to the photo session 🙂



I hope you liked this awesome dog’s photos, and if you did, go ahead and post your pet’s photos, and if you haven’t got one, go get a pet, they are simply amazing!!

Till, the next post…


Up close

Heyy there all,

I had been planning to do a close up photo collection of everyday items for quite sometime now and then yesterday I was, enough planning, lets just do it. But hey, neither do I own a macro lens needed for these insane close ups, nor can I acquire one anytime soon (too costly to buy,yet). Should I let it stop me, hell no!

These are what I shot. Recognition should not be an issue and I hope you do like the photos. My set up, the last photo  in the group 🙂








My set up consists of a table lamp, a lens hood, old hard disks and the lens I used was the 55-200mm zoom with a close up filter attached.


The photos taken using a close up filter are not as sharp as we would love them to be, but then the filters cost almost 1/10th the price of a good macro lens. For an occasional close up shoot, I dont think investing in a macro lens is very fruitful, but if you want extreme close up and clarity, the close up filter is not your way out.

Have fun shooting!



I love it when interesting topics come up as weekly photo challenges. This week, its scale.
Scale, as I understand, is a comparative tool, to describe how big or small the object in question is, to another!

Here I go, depicting a simple size comparison! Hope you like it! 🙂

The blue devil!


The Red Thunder

Yes, I like funky names alright!! And now…….

Thundering the Devil!

Keep shooting and have fun while you do it!



Zoo visit

Hey there all,
As a kid, I really enjoyed the zoo visits. The tigers, lions and bears and crocks and all. As time went by, the zoo trips diminished, so here I was, free and had received the zoom lens very recently, so, off I went to the Banerghatta National Park on the outskirts of Bangalore!

Being majestic!


Some teeth she has!




He was camera shy!


White Poser!


Nice stripes!




In most of the photos I believe, you may be able to realize that there are square lines throughout, thats the netting of the safari vehicle. Since the lens was completely zoomed out, the thin steel wires dont make that big an effect on the photo to ruin it.

I ll be off on a tour of the hills soon, so blogging may be disrupted, but I ll try to make a post once a while…and when am back…you, my dear readers, will be happy with the posts am sure!


The shell now

Remember the filaments I had shot a few days back! I had saved the bulb shells as safely as I could manage. And here are what I did with them.
Revisit the filaments here :     http://wp.me/p4EGyN-8o






Add a bit of glow paint and this is what you get!



A 30 s f/4 50mm shot! In love with this one!



I hope you enjoyed these! Do keep visiting my blog often, new, wonderful posts are coming up soon.



The filament first

Hey there! It was quite some time that I was not up to any creative shots! So today I decided that lets open up a bulb! Watched a few videos of how to safely open up the bulbs on the net, and off I went to execute my experiments.

The following shots are from today’s experiment.



The following shots are very close to my heart, as I pride myself on being able to time correctly to take the shots in the very limited time that I got to shoot the burning filament, with a very modest Nikon D3100. Modest in the sense that it does 3 fps on the continuous burst mode, and often the decisive moments are lost right between the frames.

But, if you time it right, you have 3 frames per second, you ll need only 1 frame to be correct for that awesome shot. I believe, I found mine 🙂






The next photo is basically a filament on another. It does look a bit weird, I agree, but, it does the job just fine, and I am not complaining 🙂


Stay hooked because in the next post, I do something of the shells too! 🙂

Till then,



TTL: Kolkata III

Wrapping up my 3 day visit to Kolkata. Caught up with old friends, had lots of street food, mainly rolls and kebabs, did some fine dining too and toured a lot through the city. Kolkata, is an amazing place and a dynamic one too. Must visit if you like cheap food, historical stuffs and shopping!

This post features some shots on the streets, the historical Victoria Memorial Hall, Pooja and my ex-colleague and dear friend, Shubhanjana Sikdar.

Pooja…the Fashionista


Henna! 😀


Animal Fair…at a street crossing


Looked good…thats all!


Victoria Memorial Hall


The view from the cannon


Shubhanjana … The Happy One 🙂


Graffiti here spreads love :p


Until the next trip to some other city.


TTL: Kolkata II

The next part of the Kolkata series.

A tiny warning, kindly do not be offended by any photo featured within. Every bit is real. Sometimes, they arent pretty, thats all.




Jute chappals for sale


Some alms please!


Gully cricket proper!






Could have been a maestro!


Inappropriate…in so many levels over!


In the next part of the series, I team up with veteran fashion blogger and my friend
Pooja @ dialifestyle.wordpress.com (check out her blog ladies, and be amazed).

Stay tuned for more!





TTL : Kolkata I

Beginning with this post, I am introducing a new category in my blog, the TTL (Through the lens) series. This will be a document, a testament to the places I visit and the photos that I found interesting there.

In this debut post of the series, I put up the first part of my Kolkata, West Bengal, India tour. Its the capital city of West Bengal and is a crucible of various cultures and society. You ll find the uber and rich to the dirt poor sharing spaces very often. On the streets of Kolkata, every moment, there is a story unfolding, all you need to do is see, foresee and be ready! Time it right and you ll have a story with you.

The most famous Bengali


Giant cuddle buddies




Odd one out ?



More photos on the way!