This is a post from the good old days when life was easy and time was a luxury I could afford. Me and my sister wanted to try out sushi, so we headed to a Japanese restaurant in Kolkata. This was our dinner for the night!




It was new, different. Ticked one off the bucket list.


TTL: Velas

This post is special.
Special because it is about an event which has so much of risk, uncertainty and struggle that you must marvel the outcomes.

This post is about the tiny Olive Ridley turtles of Velas, Maharashtra.

Every year, thousands of female turtles swim their way from across the world to this little known beach in Maharashtra. They make nests, lay their eggs and wade back into the sea towards an uncertain future. Over time, the eggs hatch and baby turtles make their way into the sea on their own. The interesting thing is, all the females which would be born at Velas, would come back to the same beach to lay their eggs.

We made an overnight trip from Pune. About 200 kms to Velas, took us about 5 hours through the hilly,twisty turny roads of the western ghats. We made occasional stops and then we reached the spot, early morning.




Since the hatching of the eggs is a natural phenomenon, we missed it. The day we went, the turtles didn’t hatch and we couldn’t see them. We were a bit sad about it, and with some heavy heart, we made our way to Hariharishwar beach, spent some time there and then we came back to the Velas beach once more to have a look at the rock formations and the landscapes that are there.








Our trip ended the following night as we drove back home.

A few days later, one of my friends went, and she was luckier than we were and got some amazing shots of the turtles as they made their way from the sands to the sea.




Special thanks to Medha for letting me use the photos. Am happy that you got to see them babies and you shot them.

The turtles can be seen during the months of October to December as they come to lay the eggs and from end February to mid April as the babies hatch out. The months are based on general observations and they do vary. So does the hatching. It may be so that you make a trip today and see no hatching while your friend who went a day earlier saw a basket full of them. Most people spend the weekend over there, which generally guarantees some sightings.

To the travelers out there who have not yet been to this place, go on, make a trip. The route, the location, the beach, they are worth the distance. Its a tiny village, about 50-70 homes, some offer homestay facilities too. Have a look at the MTDC website for further information.

Have fun all. Next trip, next outing, should be interesting. See you all later.


Dance Away

Dance, by me, is one of the best and ultimate forms of self expression and it keeps you active and healthy too, besides keeping you happy. I dont dance, and with the kind of figure I have, in the interest of the public, Β I should stay away from the dance floor too. But, what I can do, is capture wonderful dancers mid pose and pay a tribute to them.

This post, this photo goes out to some of the best dancers I have met till date. Guys, you are amazing.


Cheers to Shaggy, Karan, Fayaadh and all the wonderful dancers πŸ™‚ You guys rock!!

The Season Now

We can often categorize our life’s phases into seasons. Sometimes its all hale and hearty, just like your favourite season, while sometimes, things are violent and stormy and grey.

As of today, I believe, my life has a bit of early morning mist.


The sunrise is on, and the clouds are dissipating, slowly!


And with time, sunrise shall kiss the leaves and things shall be better.


I feel, I am feeling the end of autumn and the beginning of spring right now. Its still chilly in the mornings and if care is not taken, one might catch cold, which stays on for quite sometime. The winds of change are blowing, all I ll need to do, is let the sails unfurl and take me to new destinations.

Cheers to looking forward, cheers to you πŸ™‚

A New Day

When it comes to being optimistic, there is no better symbol to the feeling than an impending sunrise. The glow is there, yet the sun is not yet visible. We know that with the advent of the new day, our demons shall be slain and we shall have a fresh start.


Good morning dear readers!!

Creative block

Once a while, I face situations where despite having some ideas on my head, am just not able to put them down in a manner I would love to. There’s restlessness and simultaneously lethargy. A part of me wants to work, while the other part is just stuck or hung up on something else. Last time this happened, I took a trip across the country alone to find some inspiration. It worked. This time, I dont have the option. So, after convincing myself that the only way out, is to write and start shooting, here I am, back, trying to get out of the block, one alphabet at a time!


Here’s to killing the past, and coming back to life πŸ™‚



One from the old shots of mine. I knew this one would be useful someday somewhere πŸ™‚

Enjoy the weightlessness!



A circle, a stone and a shadow

Here’s how a solid circle, a tiny rock and a shadow can mean quite a lot.




This post is to the few who have managed to take a break from the mundane monotony of the daily chores. Who have managed to break free from the routine. The ones who have managed to let go all inhibitions and fear and have managed to let themselves be engulfed in the amazing moment, that is NOW.
By me, nothing describes this liberation more than raising your hands up to the air to cheer for your favourite music as it is being played by an amazing DJ in a party.



Cheers, to music, to freedom!

The colony of gulls

Anyone, who has visited the ghats of Varanasi, during the sunrise and the early morning, they might have seen the colony of gulls swimming flying and frolicking about. For the ones, who haven’t had the opportunity yet, have a look here.



Whats amazing is that these gulls respond to being called at for food. Β For more shots of Varanasi, including some amazing evening Arati shots, click here.

With exams approaching at speeds faster than I would like them to, its time for me to scale back on the blogging and get studying….but not before I post the most recent trip I had to Lonavala. Night shots, shooting stars, blinking aeroplane lights and some more. Stay tuned.


The real and the copy

Eyes, are one of the most amazing of the many god gifted instruments to the mortals. And since we human beings are the curious and innovative kind, its just too much for us to not try making our own mechanical copies of it.

The original one


The mechanical one

The copy may not ever be better than the real one, but it sure as hell comes close to it πŸ™‚


Awesomeness…three times over

I prefer putting up photos which are new, and have not been used before for my posts. But sometimes, such a topic of weekly challenge comes up, where I can find no other photo more apt than one that had been previously used in a different post too.
This week: Trio. Hope the photo cheers you up, as it does to me every single time.


In case you are interested to see more of these tiny furballs, head over here.