AtoZ Challenge: The Glossary

The AtoZ Challenge has already come to an end for the second time, and as a result, now a glossary of the terms can be made. I believe this shall come handy for future references! A – Aperture, Artificial Horizon B – Bulb Mode, Bokeh C – Colour Temperature, Composition D – Double Exposure¬†, Depth of Field E – EXIF Data, Exposure Bracketing F – … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: The Glossary

AtoZ Challenge: Z – Zoom (Digital)

Zoom (Digital) We all know what zoom is and that there are two types, optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom changes the focal length of the lens and closes in on the subject, while the digital zoom uses algorithms and software to do the same. The effects, however are not similar. Optical zoom shall not degrade a picture quality, where as digital zoom will. … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: Z – Zoom (Digital)

AtoZ Challenge: V – Vignetting

Vignetting In the olden days, when the lens and the film quality were not as amazing as today, the edges of the photos would become dark. With advent of better technology and processes, now a days, one has to to critical search to find vignetting occurring natively in the photos. Where we see more of its use is as filters. This photo above, has been … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: V – Vignetting

AtoZ Challenge: U – Urban Landscape

Urban Landscape Today, in every major city, the common thread that links all of them is that there is development in the real estate sector. The¬† landscape of the city, the skyline, is constantly changing and evolving. From a beautiful vantage point, to shoot the urban landscape, is quite a joy. Below are some of my examples of Mumbai’s concrete(land)scape. Tell us about your favourite … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: U – Urban Landscape

AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

Tonal Range This can be defined as the range of tones, both coloured and black and white which span from the lightest to the darkest areas in the photo. A photo with a wide tonal range shall have areas which exhibit dark areas and white areas while the ones with a narrow range shall have more of gray shades. The photo above has a a … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

AtoZ Challenge: S – Spot Metering

Spot Metering Metering is the camera’s means to evaluate the light and shadow in a particular scene and adjust accordingly. In general, there are three main metering modes: Evaluative/ Matrix metering: This is where the entire frame is taken up for evaluation and the exposure is adjusted accordingly. Good for all round photography. Centre Weighted: Here a patch of the frame is used to evaluate … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: S – Spot Metering

AtoZ Challenge: R – Red Eye Reduction

Red Eye Reduction The phenomenon of red eye occurs when the flash is incident on the eyes and gets reflected back by a dilated pupil. The eye’s pupil dilates and shrinks as per the need for an optimum eye sight. In case there is low light, the pupil dilates to let in more light, while it shrinks if there is excess light. When, in a … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: R – Red Eye Reduction